About Moi

Moi is a trading company that collecting natural oils and many other allied aromatic products from worldwide in Taiwan. We specialize on selling vegetable oil / hydrosol/ butter & wax/ essential oil/ Fragrance and other cosmetic-related raw materials. 

Therefore, provide our customers the most original, most refined, and professional cosmetic raw materials to treat our skin better is what we uphold people's desire to use pure products. Our business purpose is developed raw materials with high quality and fragrance that smells pleasant. Constantly searching more advanced raw materials for maintenance from face to body to provide skin care as well as body and soul care. At the same time, innovatively develop more diversified raw materials, giving our client more different choices.

Our R&D team has more than 20 years of professional quality and technology and treats customers with high-quality raw materials and integrity as our belief which is our mission and responsibility. Please encourage us in good faith and support with smile, and Moi will make you satisfied.