• Chamomile German oil

Chamomile German oil

Extract part:Flower
Extract method:Distillation

The scent of German chamomile is slightly sweet and spicy, which is softer than that of Roman chamomile. Can be used to make spices and essential oils. Its appearance is dark blue, has a strong sweet taste, and its volatility is medium-strength. Suitable for sleep aid. Can provide women with relief from menstrual pain. It can also soothe the skin and reduce cramps.

Skin care products: lotion / cream / makeup remover / facial mask / bath / perfume

Shampoo products: shampoo / shower gel/ facial cleanser / handmade soap

Incense products: candle space / space expanding bamboo / atomizer / air pump

Other lotion: laundry detergent /softener /charm water

Household cleaner: toilet / floor /glass /kitchen